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Prayer Update January 2010

Gezuar vitin e ri 2010!

Dear friends,

We hope you had an excellent Christmas and New Year. Angela and I have been making the most of our time off to relax (lots of books and dvds!) and spend time with our friends here in Kosova.  In December we had visits from Jess & Pete (our gap year students from last year) in our new home, and spent Christmas with friends in a village called Krushe Vogel.  We have some pictures up on facebook of the new home here and Christmas here.  We spent New Year’s Eve in Gjakova (our town) on Qabrati Hill, where we had an excellent panoramic view of the fireworks released from every garden in Gjakova. Click on the pictures here.  We’re benefitting greatly from having this time off and having our own home, and are still seeking God’s guidance for the next stage in our lives.

We praise God for healing Clive Doubleday, the director of Smile International.  He has just been given the all clear after 6 months of cheomotherpay.  More information can be found here.

We are pleased that our friends Klodiana and Shkelzen Halilij have been hired as Smile Centre Managers, and Albert (Berti) Frroku has been hired as their Project Coordinator.  We know that they will be a blessing to Smile in their work here in Kosova.  Also, Smile have created the position of paid, fulltime director of Smile’s work in Kosova for Astrit Morina, the Kosovar pastor who married Clive’s daughter (Emily, now an unpaid volunteerin Kosova) just after we arrived in Kosova.  They still have no nurse for their planned Palliative Care project.

We pray that the work that they do as Smile will continue to be a blessing to all the ministries in Kosova and hope that they will be able to expand that work, now that there are 5 people doing the job that Angela and I were doing ourselves.

At the moment, we are hoping to get to Scotland, having tried unsuccessfully yesterday.  Our flight was cancelled due to weather but BA have put on an extra flight today (normally, only Monday, Wednesday, Friday to London).  So, God willing, we will be in Scotland tonight until mid-February.  While we are away, Angela is heading to France for 6 days to join her family for some skiing.  There is also a conference in Edinburgh we wish to attend.

Our prayer points are as follows:

  • We are thankful for God’s provision of this time to spend together seeking Him;
  • We are continuing to seek God’s guidance for our future whether at home or abroad;
  • Pray for our friends as they adapt to working for Smile;
  • Pray that Smile’s work in Kosova will continue to work with and be a blessing to ALL of the ministries in Gjakova;
  • Pray for God’s provision of a nurse for their planned Palliative Care project;
  • Pray for Hannah and Linda, Smile’s gapper and career breaker who are part-way through their placements.

Thank you again for your prayers, and we look forward to seeing some of you when we are back in Scotland (God willing!).

With love in Christ,

Angela and Paul


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