Prayer Update December 09

Dear friends,
We have been overwhelmed by the emails of support and encouragement that we received following our last email, and want to say how appreciative we are of your prayers. 
After a very busy few weeks, we are pleased to say that we have made some decisions about our immediate future.  Today we finish our 18 month contract with Smile International, and are feeling mixed emotions regarding this.  We are thankful for the time that we have had in the Smile Centre and the friends we have made through working for Smile, and we will continue to pray for the development of the work that Smile is doing in Kosova.  But we know too that God has a plan for us and we are waiting with excitement as He reveals it to us day-by-day!
As of this last week, we are renting a little house just 5 minutes walk from the centre of Gjakova with 2 bedrooms (guests are welcome!), a kitchen, a small balcony and an open plan living/dining area, and best of all our pup Ari can live with us too!  We have kitted it out with a washing machine, stove + enough wood for the winter, tv and internet, pots and pans, etc – and are feeling very grown up!  This is our first home together as a married couple, as we were only married 2 weeks when we moved into the Smile Centre.
Now that our time with Smile is finished, we feel that it is too soon to be leaving Kosova. We are eager to see if God has any other opportunities for us to be in a supporting role for our Kosovar brothers and sisters and the international missionaries here.  Our time in Gjakova has shown us that there is not a need for any new ministries here, but there is a need for the existing ministries to be supported and encouraged as they mature. We are looking forward to restarting our Albanian lessons (which were stopped by Smile due to their finance issues), and having the time to be with our new friends here.  Having had medium-term experience living in the field, there is scope for investigating employment with EULEX, OSCE or other international organisations in Kosova, so we will keep our eyes open for opportunities in that area; but we are open to returning to Scotland, or moving on somewhere else, as the Lord leads. 
Our prayer points are as follows:
  • Give THANKS for God’s provision of the perfect house for us, for the right price, in the right place, and at the right time;
  • Pray for rest and relaxation during the transition period as we get used to not working;
  • Pray for our language skills so that we can communicate our faith to those around us (in particular our landlords);
  • Pray for Smile as they seek to appoint local Christian Centre Managers, a Project Manager and a Nurse;
  • Pray for Hannah and Linda, Smile’s gapper and career breaker who are part-way through their placements.
Thank you again for your prayers, and we look forward to having the time to reply to your emails as of the end of the week when we have time on our side again!
With love in Christ,
Angela and Paul

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