What Next?


Kosova August 2008 040 (Small)

Smile Centre, Gjakova, Kosova

Greetings from Kosova,

On Monday 2nd Nov, we were informed that Smile International had decided not to renew our current contract, which ends on December 9th 2009, due to their financial issues and a wish to try to employ local staff.

We will be sad to be leaving the Smile Centre and pray that God will provide replacements that will be willing to put in the same effort, hours and integrity that are necessary to run the Centre efficiently.

So after 18 months of many 17-hour days:

  • wrestling to turn the Smile Centre from a storage-facility-with-beds into a functioning conference-centre-with-storage,
  • overseeing and developing the Smile Widows’ Program,
  • organising teams, visits and projects,
  • hospitality and logistics of conferences,
  • clearing the back log of humanitarian aid which had bottle-necked in the Smile Centre and distributing it to those in most need,
  • forging valuable friendships with both locals and internationals in Kosova,
  • and of course lots of entertaining road trips,

 – it’s time to call it quits here at the Centre.

We’ve had a great time so far in Kosova, through the ups and the downs, but now it’s time to seek after the Lord for guidance as to where He wants us next – Kosova, Scotland, elsewhere? – we’re open to wherever He leads.

We would be grateful if you could pray for us regarding our future.  After working in a position which consumed the majority of our life since getting married, at times even challenging to our own personal relationship, we will be grateful for a time of rest starting from the beginning of December.  During this time we will have more opportunity to fellowship with God and others as we seek His will for our immediate future.  What’s next?  God knows – and we pray He lets us in on the plan sometime soon… 😉

With love in Christ,

Paul and Angela



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