What Kind of Church do you go to?

How does your local church relate to it’s surrounding cultures and sub-cultures?

1)      The “Bomb-shelter” Church

  • Culture is bad and church is safe
  • “We” versus “Them” language used
  • Classic Fundamentalism

2)      The “Mirror” Church

  • The church reflects the surrounding culture
  • Cultural values overrule God’s Word
  • Classic Liberalism

3)      The “Parasitic Consumer” Church

  • The church uses the culture and community
  • The church only takes from the culture.
  • (Could be either Fundamentalism or Liberalism)

4)      The “City-within-a-City” Church

  • The Church reflects God’s Word
  • The Church engages the culture and community
  • The Church serves the culture and community
  • The Church offers an “alternative Way of life”
  • The Church is a “Boot Camp” for training Christians in worshipful, cross-centred thinking which leads to transformed (and continually transforming) lives, able to articulate and incarnate the Gospel, revealing the Gospel’s relevance in everyday life.

Which church is yours most like?

Which are you most like?



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2 responses to “What Kind of Church do you go to?

  1. I TOO still would rightfully rather see pastor first live a sermon instead of too often now merely preach it to others and I really do think it is so farcical how some sinfully, proud evangelical pastors are ready to condemn others, to gossip about, to now preach about the other person’s sins but someone how they can’t seem to deal with their own false abuse of others, their own sins, and their own false pride.. http://postedat.wordpress.com/2009/08/31/get-real-now/

  2. drtombibey

    Here’s a church I like. I wrote it up on my blog today.


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