Latest Additon To The Maxfield Family In Kosova


So as those of you on Facebook have probably seen, the Maxfields have a new member of the family in Kosova.

A couple of nights ago, Angela discovered a small puppy by the river down the lane from the Smile Centre.  The puppy had no obvious mum around and appeared to be on his own.  A couple of hours later, I told Angela that, if he was still there and was indeed without a mother, that we could bring him up to the Centre to see how he fares.

Ari Shadow

So this small bundle of fur arrived and immediately melted a few hearts.  He’s an outside dog so he doesn’t come into the Centre (despite his protestations).  We made a little box for him in the shade out front where he sleeps.  We left him there overnight the first couple of nights to see if he would stay, and each morning I found in round the back under the balcony in one of the buckets.  As he has settled in he appears to have gotten used to his box and we find him there in the mornings now.

Ari's New Home

We’ve named him “Ari”, which is Albanian for “gold” (or “bear” depending on who you ask).

We had his first road trip as we took him to the vet to get him checked out and he got a clean bill of health.  We have no idea what breed he is, but he’s probably a mixture of everything as most dogs run wild round here (so he’ll fit in with the family 😉  He got a little car sick en route but managed to keep it in his box then dealt with in true doggy fashion (he ate it).  So he got his worm tablet and is scheduled for his first vaccination on Friday.

He’s taken to the new guests arrivng at the Centre and appears to be comfortable with the coming and going of normal Smile Centre business.

He’s a bit of a nibbler, and currently enjoys toes and trouser bottoms.

And most importantly, his little bark is progressing nicely.

Let the training begin 😉


Ari Learning to Chase

Ari Caught it

Ari Missed


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