Please Pray For Our CEO, Clive Doubleday


Clive Doubleday

Below is a letter from our chair of trustees:

Some of you will know that Clive has been unwell recently and has had to undergo a number of tests. I am sure you will all be concerned to hear that the doctors have confirmed that Clive has Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, High-Grade, which is cancer of the lymphatic system. His treatment and recovery are expected to take at least 6 months.

I am sure that your first reaction will be to pray for Clive and the family at this difficult time. They are all putting their trust in the Lord they love and have served so faithfully. Those of you who know Clive well will realise that one of the greatest hardships for him will be his inability to be out and about meeting supporters, visiting churches, or monitoring Smile’s projects overseas.

Clive and Ruth’s dearest wish is to ensure that this situation will not stand in the way of Smile’s continuing ministry, and all of the Smile Trustees share that desire. In the next week or so (July 2009) we will be discussing priorities with Clive, Ruth and the staff and delegating responsibilities where possible. Where Clive has been booked for preaching and speaking engagements, we will try to find substitutes. Offers of help to fill such gaps would be greatly appreciated.

We trust that all of you will continue to give Smile your prayerful support.

Please pray

For full healing for Clive and for the strength to endure the treatment;
For Ruth, Milly and Astrit, Tim and the rest of the family, that they will know God’s peace at this time;
For all the Smile staff, in the UK and overseas, that they will handle the extra pressures well;
That the work of Smile International in helping those in need can continue and that the people and resources required will be forthcoming;
For the Trustees, for wisdom and strength at this time.
“Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.” John 14:1

In order to enable the staff to focus on Smile business, we have set up a special email address for personal messages to Clive and Ruth. This is It would be really helpful if you only used their normal office address for Smile business matters. Similarly, if you would like to send personal cards or letters to them, please send them to the Smile office, PO Box 3, Orpington, Kent, BR5 1WZ, but mark them “Personal”.

Smile International is, and always has been, a faith-based ministry and we pray that with your continued prayerful support it will continue to be so.

Geraldine Alliston
Chair of Trustees

Read our regular update on Clive’s health situation on Smile International’s Prayer Partners page.


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