Back In Kosova

With Doug & Di in the South of FranceSo we’re back in Kosova now, having had a great time with friends for two weeks in Scotland.  The first week we got to hang out with our generous friends in Stirling.  I took 10 hours of driving lessons to gather the basics while Ang had a lie in!  Managed to get the hang of the clutch control but still have to work on reversing and junctions. The second week, in between being taken out for meals by friends, we spent 48hours with Ang’s folks in France.Chez Taylor  They were living in a caravan 5min walk from a beach in the south of France.  Picture me in a caravan – felt like Gandalf visiting Frodo!  We had a great (but short) time with them before we were back in Scotland visiting my relatives in Dundee.


Kieran & Sarah's WeddingThe weekend in between we attended the wedding of our friends Kieran and Sarah, which was an excellent excuse to break out the kilt.  It was great to be able to be there for this important day in our friends lives and celebrate with a crackin’ ceilidh!Wedding Ceilidh


We spent the last weekend in Glasgow where I got to catch up with friends from church and get along to the Men’s breakfast meeting where we were encouraged by testimony of Christ’s work in the life of Garry Brotherston.  This was a man found Christ while he was in prison serving a sentence for stabbing and killing a man in a street fight when he was 19, that was fifteen years ago.  Jesus saved him through the work of a prison ministry and now he is involved with musical and youth ministries, and working with police officers and schools to try to reach out to problem youth in gangs.  Please pray for Garry, that God would continue to work in his heart and through him in this important ministry, as well as for the family of his victim, who are having a hard time coping with and believing in the amazing example of God’s grace at work in this man’s life.  You can read their response in the Daily Recod newspaper here.

A Dip in the LochWe landed safely, if a little bumpy, back into Kosova to find that because the changeover of flights was to close together (again) our luggage was still in London!  Thankfully, I had packed all the important books and dvds into my hand luggage so we survived the next two days until it caught up with us.

We returned to find the Centre in good nick after being entrusted to the capable care of Astrit and Emily Morina (the boss’s daughter, works part-time for Smile, married to one of the local pastors).  Both of the old vehicles needed repairs when we got back (as usual) but the new one drove like a dream (according to Angela – I don’t think she wants me to learn to drive now.  The Nissan had been driven over and entered Kosova on transit insurance, so we got that sorted out ASAP.

So, on our first day back, we hosted a day conference for LUK (one of the two Evangelical Alliances in Kosova) and took the bedding used by the team of 35 (who used the Centre the previous week for a retreat) to the laundry. We organised the cooks at the Centre, local Kosovan ladies who we employ when we can, and worked out the budgets for the summer.  We spent some time arranging an area that each of the teams can use for sorting of materials and games for the kids clubs they will be running this summer.  I sprayed the weeds on the grounds, which had had a massive growth spurt due to the heavy rains while we were away – yes, this is the glamorous missionary life!

The first of the Smile/Girls’ Brigade teams has arrived and they have started their work with the local fledgling Girls’ Brigade at Eternity Church.  They have had a great week and are looking forward to next weeks kids clubs.  We took a delivery of cornflour from our friends in Podejeve, which will be supplementing our regular delivery to the sponsored widows.

Please pray for the relationships and planning of:

  • As the summer teams are mostly comprised of Girls’ Brigade this year, they will predominantly be doing kids clubs with the local churches and schools, we hope that their time here will draw them closer to Christ and that the Kosovars meet will see Christ through them as the teams serve and spend time with them;
  • We’ll be planning a summer Widows Day at the Centre as well as visiting them in their homes with aid;
  • The distribution of aid for this summer/autumn

Thank you for your prayers



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  1. Rachel Campbell

    Hi guys. Loving the photos from the wedding! How are things coming along back in Kosova? I’m on your blog, wondering about setting up one of my own, and reading about all youve been up to! Miss you both, Rach x

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