Smile Centre Update 05/06/09

It was a busy week in the lead up to to our Scottish Roadshow, those compulsory last minute changes of plans and getting the Smile Centre ready for the handover to Astrit and Emily as they look after the Centre for us while we’re away.  They were understandably nervous as we took a last minute booking for a 35 member, 3-day retreat.  Please pray for them as Astrit is having some health problems as well.

Aid To Pastors

IMG_6357Aid to Local PastorsThis month we were able to donate about 200 boxes of summer clothes, shoes, blankets for young and old to the local pastors of Gjakova. These boxes had arrived on the December truck from the UK and it was great to see them going out to pastors whom we trust will distribute them to the people who have the greatest needs in the areas they minister in.  The boxes had been stored in our loft (3 floors up) over the winter, so I was grateful for Steve’s help in getting them ready for the pastors to pick them up.  Steve is from Thurrock Christian Felowship in Britain and is in Kosova for 3 months to work with one of the local churches and support their ministry. With Steve’s help, we were able to get the job done in half the time it would have taken Ang and I alone to do so.  As well as these boxes of aid, we were able to supply them with a box of first aid supplies, Bibles, children’s bibles and bible studies in the Albanian language (Shqip).

Berti’s American English SchoolBertie's English School

We visited our friend Berti’s fledgling English school in Rahovec to have some fun with his students.  Berti is an Albanian missionary in Kosova, and has been a great help to us as a friend and interpreter over the last year.  Please pray for his ministry here in Kosova and you can follow him on his new blog here.

Brekoc Community Centre

Brekoc Community Centre - Big TedOn June 1st (International Childrens Day) ,we delivered boxes of toys and craft materials to a new community centre in on the outskirts of Gjakova.  This centre is run by Bethany Christian Services (USA), and has a pre-school, primary school, and evening classes for older students.  The centre is primarily to support the educational needs of the local Roma (gypsy) population in Brekoc.  They have a successful center in the Roma colony next to the Smile Centre, which Smile has assissted in the past and we were pleased to be able to help out again.Berkoc Community Centre - BubblesBrekoc Community Centre - Ang + Roma Children






Delivery of Cornflour for our Sponsored Women

Randy & Paul Post-Cornflour DeliveryWe took a delivery of cornflour from our good friends at Team Kosova who minister in the Podujevo and Orllan region, in the north east of Kosova.  It was great to hang with them for an evening and get covered in flour to boot (flashbacks to my stag do!).  We’re looking forward to adding this to the food aid we will be distributing to our sponsored women when we return from Scotland.

Delivering Food Aid to Village Family

New Vehicle

The other reason we’re looking forward to our next aid distribution upon our return is because we get to do so in our brand new vehicle.  This vehicle was donated to Smile after many years of prayerfully waiting for one and is being driven over to Kosova while we are in Scotland.  Hopefully, this will be the end of the monthly (weekly?) trips to the mechanics as this Nissan should be able to handle the Kosovan roads far better, especially in the villages that we visit.

The New Smile Kosova 4x4


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  1. Al

    Hey guys!
    Great newsletter. Hope things are going well on your trip. We miss you and look forward to seeing you when we all land again.

    Al and Kath

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